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      Today is :
    Coffee grinder series
    Electric clippers series
    Charging series
    Marcel series
    Electric iron series
    New series

    Jiafeide Electrical Appliance
    Add: Tiantan Tianyuna Town,Cixi City,Zhejiang Province,China
    Moblie: 13968205761(Mr. Huang)
    Tel: 0086-574-63441388
    Fax: 0086-574-63441228
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Current Location:Home Culture

    Innovates unceasingly through us, the accumulation and the flow optimizes, the development advanced reliable product, creates The value for the customer, helps the customer to be successful, develops into the company which is respected the human.

    The quality first, the customer is supreme

    Relies on one's own effort to revive, the painstaking effort, to work with concerted efforts, to strive for success enterprising

    Insisted that develops, expands unceasingly, takes own road

    Take the technological innovation as the book, promotes the product quality unceasingly, expands the market unceasingly

    Establishment modern scientific management system

    Molds the outstanding enterprise culture

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